Tuesday, May 24, 2016

How to disable Full text search in ElasticSearch

Elastic search will index every field and every word within a value.

For Example:

Document 1 has : "text": "Hello World"

Document 2 has : "text": "Hello Srikanth"

ElasticSearch by default will create many indexes and in that the 3 index would be, ["Hello", "World", "Srikanth"]

In some case we want to disable the Full text search, So that we can aggregate by that value.

For Example:

Document 1 has : "filepath": "/home/srikanth/1.c"
Document 2 has : "filepath": "/home/srikanth/2.c"

By default, ElasticSearch will index these documents by ["home", "srikanth, ".c"] , So at the time of aggregating with the path, these values will mess up the aggregated document count.

So we have to tell ElasticSearch, not to index the data by

By this we tell ElasticSearch, that we will always search by the full string and not by sub-strings.

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