Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Getting started with Python Flask application with MVC structure

I have added a MVC structure and getting started with Python flask application in my Github. 
I will continue to contribute to this repository with Database connections and JWT Authentication.

Lets get started with Python and Flask :)

Here is the Github link for my project.

Structure your Flask application like a Rails Application.

I'm a Rails developer. I like the way a Rails application is structured and I wanted to implement the similar kind of structure for a Python Flask web Application. Flask by default will not give you this structure. So make use of the getting started with Python flask repository above. The Code structure will look like this:
|-- app
| |--
| |-- controllers
| | |--
| | |--
| |-- helpers
| | |--
| | |--
| |--
| |-- models
| | |--
| `-- templates
| |-- hello.html
| `--
|-- log
| `-- test.log
|-- requirements.txt


Make sure you have installed python :) To check python version,
python -V

Make sure you have installed python-pip. If you are using Ubuntu, you can apt-get like this
sudo apt-get install python-pip

To use the Python Flask Starter template.

Step 1 : Checkout code

git clone cd python-flask-getting-started

Step 2: Install dependencies

(use sudo if required)
pip install -r requirements.txt

Step 3 : Start the server

In browser go to,
or for UI

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